Series 2 FILM - Nevermind by Nirvana

Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ (1991) x Dutch Golden Age

Set to a reading of the lyrics from Nirvana’s iconic song, ‘Drain You’, this is SIK/TENG Episode 2’s original film that shows the inspiration, the interpretation, and the execution behind the idea for this episode.

This short film brings to life how we paired the album with a dark and moody visual style inspired by Dutch Golden Age still life paintings of the 17th century. Viewers can get a visual taste of the bespoke menu that was designed to bring out the themes of 90s gluttony through the 3 chosen courses of 1990s American steakhouse classics against the inspired art direction in 3 scenes: Scene 1: Illusion of Power, Scene 2: Fear of Not Enough and Scene 3: Temporality of Beauty

This film was directed and edited by Ricky Nyhoff.


Food / Mike Jack + Paul Lam
Creative Direction / Jocelyn Liipfert Lam
Photography / Jon Lau
Film / Ricky Nyhoff
Floral and Prop Styling / Merryl Lau
Select Florals / SPRIG Florals
Set Art Direction and Planning / Sarah Chiang
On-Set Production / Jacqui Matthews, Nina Nyhoff
Social Media Design / Yee Ting Lau
Art Consultant / Yvonne Wang

SIK/TENG: Nevermind by Nirvana