Behind the Scenes

The experience behind the curtain.

Creative Direction of SIK/TENG Episode 1: Wolfgang Amadeus by Phoenix

The creative direction for Episode 1 extends Wolfgang Amadeus' feeling of a 'Paris Summer in LA' into film and photography - playing with themes of colour theory, irreverence and pop inspirations. 

In photography and film, we played on the pop-inspired elements of the album.  Jocelyn worked with Jon and Ricky to experiment with colour theory, pop-art shapes and lines, and playful pairings of music and visual repetition in our films. 

On photography and film, to create the vibrant pink lighting you see in the shoot, Ricky and Jon played with opposite colour gels (in this case, green) to set the scene.  It was a bit of a strange experience - as when you walk in the room it appears green, but on-screen appeared as the pink/purple you see in the final images and film.

On design, Merryl developed the first SIK/TENG logo as a neon sign.  We all ended up loving the initial design so much that we decided to use it as our official SIK/TENG logo.  


She extended this neon-inspired design aesthetic into the menus, balancing out the event set up with tropical green plants and bright orange/pink Corymbia flowers and hand-dyed sherbert-orange linen napkins accenting each place setting.  Jacqui sourced a selection of simple, minimal plates and glassware, accented with brass flatware.  

Jocelyn Liipfert